Carpets remain one of the most popular floor coverings. A carpet lends warmth and texture to your room, and can form a vital part of your overall colour palette.

BSB Flooring supply a large range of carpets and are committed to offering the most professional carpet laying service in Wiltshire and the Bath area. We also offer advice on the most suitable carpet for your needs.

Advantages of carpet as a floor covering

There are good reasons why carpet has remained such a popular choice:

  • Aesthetic appeal. You can easily change the whole feel of a room by replacing a carpet. The enormous variety of patterns, colours and styles means that it’s easy to create the particular look you’re after.
  • Warmth. The carpet not only gives a room a sense of comfort and warmth, it’s likely to actually make the room warmer. Carpets absorb and slowly re-radiate heat that may be lost by other  floor-coverings. This is excellent news from an energy-saving perspective.
  • Comfort and safety. Compared to hard floors, carpets offer some cushioning for vulnerable joints. And as a carpet is less slippy than many coverings, falls and slips are less likely in a carpeted room.
  • Noise deadening. As soft materials, carpets reflect considerably less sound than harder alternatives. This keeps the house quieter and removes the reverberation and echo that can occur in hard-floored rooms.
  • Ease of installation. Though good carpet-laying demands plenty of experience, the process itself is much quicker than other materials.

If you want specific advice on the best type of carpet for your needs, please get in touch.

Considering carpet tiles

In some situations, carpet tiles are a viable alternative to a traditional carpet, scoring advantages in several areas :

  • they’re flexible – tiles are easily fitted to small or awkward spaces
  • they’re portable – depending on your rental or sale agreement, you may be able to take tiles with you when you leave a property
  • they’re easily cleaned – if there’s spillage, only the affected tiles need cleaning
  • economy – because they don’t come on huge rolls, you can buy just the amount of tiles needed to fit the floor space.

Because of these factors, and their durability, carpet tiles are a great choice for commercial buildings and hard-working homes.

For more advice on the supply and fitment of carpet tiles, or to view our range, get in touch.

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