Solid & Engineered Oak Flooring

BSB Flooring supply and fit solid oak floors in Wiltshire and Bath.  If you’re considering a real oak floor, we are the professionals to fit it properly.

However, before you get to that stage, its worth considering the pros and cons of living with oak flooring.

The good news about oak flooring

There’s a reason why many of the most elegant homes choose a traditional hardwood flooring – such as oak. It’s a timelessly beautiful material. The mellow tones add warmth to any room, and the natural variations within the wood lend a gentler, organic, more textured feel. These variations also mean that no two oak floors are going to look exactly the same – you’re guaranteed your own individual floor.

Aesthetically, oak is a surprisingly versatile flooring material, fitting in both with traditional and more contemporary looks.

Though a hard material, oak is still softer and springier underfoot than stone and ceramics, and it’s warmer too.

Lastly, oak flooring never really goes out of fashion. It’s timeless beauty makes it an investment that can add real value to your property – provided it’s been properly fitted.

Oak Flooring – the disadvantages

Despite the considerable advantages of solid oak flooring, it’s worth being aware of some of oak’s shortcomings.

The first is cost. There’s no way round the fact that all that beauty comes at a price. Solid oak is more expensive to buy than laminates and it’s more expensive to install. That brings us to our second point: quality of fitment is vital. Although we would recommend a professional fitter for all flooring types, solid oak is one type of flooring where expertise makes all the difference. Your top-end oak flooring can be ruined by shoddy fitting, so make sure you check out a company’s testimonials before you invest in them.

The other main disadvantage to oak flooring is maintenance. It tends to show the dirt more than some other materials: to look its best, it will need sweeping or vacuuming every few days.

Lastly, compared to laminates, oak floors are more easily marked and damaged by liquids. Whether this is a big factor may depend on what sort of family you have!

For the full story on solid oak flooring, including our recommendations for your home, get in touch.

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