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BSB supply and fit vinyl flooring in Bath, Melksham, Chippenham and the surrounding areas. Our quick guide spells out the pros and cons of vinyl flooring.

Why fit vinyl flooring?

Vinyl flooring has been in use since the 1930s, and its enduring appeal is probably down to two factors: affordability and practicality.

Vinyl is probably the most cost-effective flooring material around. If the budget is really tight, vinyl is sometimes the only option. Also, there may be some rooms that really don’t warrant having an expensive floor, such as utility rooms, and here again vinyl is the perfect solution.

If this makes vinyl sound like an unattractive budget option, think again. Vinyl has come back into fashion and in the right context can look very appealing. It also comes in a huge variety of styles.

Vinyl’s other major advantage is its practicality. Being waterproof makes it easy to clean and hygienic. It’s warm underfoot, deadens sounds more than wood or ceramic, and (depending on the thickness) feels softer than anything other than carpet. This makes vinyl really easy to live with.

Vinyl is also very durable, with a couple of major exceptions that we will look at now.

The limitations of vinyl

Though durable, vinyl has two major vulnerabilities. Firstly, it’s easily damaged by anything sharp. Secondly, it doesn’t cope well with heavy objects being placed on it. Therefore, the worst case scenario for vinyl is dragging an appliance like a washing machine over it. Given its use in kitchens and utility rooms, this can be a real drawback.

Vinyl is also faded by direct sunlight, and so whilst durable, in some environments the colour you chose may become bleached over time.

Lastly, though (as noted) vinyl may look appealing in some situations, it does lose out in the glamour stakes to high-end materials.

We’re expert fitters of vinyl floors

Vinyl is one of the easier flooring materials to fit, but still benefits from a professional touch. Imperfections in the surface beneath the vinyl tend to show through as bumps, waves or indentations.

For expert advice and fitment of vinyl flooring, contact BSB Flooring today.

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